Pregnancy is very often seen as a time of delight, of celebrations, of looking forward and revelling in the fact that you are about to bring a little life in to this world. Family and friends are thrilled, and all the talk around you is of good things to come.

But…..what if you just aren’t feeling quite so upbeat? What if, despite the fact that this was either what you wanted, or a welcome surprise, you just feel, well, out of sorts? Maybe a bit down? A feeling of flatness? Or of worry? Or guilt?


I have been there. Despite being over the moon about being pregnant, I have experienced the kind of moods that did not seem to fit with the very exciting thing that was happening inside my body.

The kind of moods that make it difficult to give my children the patience that they deserve.

The kind of moods that make me want to hide away at home when I am usually such a social creature.

The kind of moods that mean my husband does not know exactly who this wife is that he comes home to every night.

This is my fifth pregnany, and the third to make it to twenty-two weeks, and I recognise the symptoms well. (more…)