Hello there, and welcome. To my blog. To my actual, real life, virtual on the internet blog. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get started, but here we are. Yay!

cropped-IMG_1154.jpgNow, with two small boys to look after I had found that with the sheer wealth of information out there to take in, an everlasting things to do list along with chronic sleep deprivation, that sometimes life was a little overwhelming. Not in an alarming, ‘I’m not ok’ way, more in a ‘I’ve got my head down and surviving the day and phew glad that went ok and everyone is still alive and has all limbs intact’ kind of way. It was hard at times (lots of times) to see past the day to day domesticity.

I think this could in part be put down to the classic ‘have baby, lose confidence, lose sense of self’ situation which I know so many of us find ourselves in. I have seen how easy it is to make choices based on habit and routine and to slip into doing the same things day after day. And this did not make me feel good – it made me feel sluggish and bored.

The boys1By December 2014 I had had enough, and knew I needed to change things, to start to reclaim my old zest for life. One overriding thought that I kept having was ‘I MUST NOT SLEEPWALK THROUGH LIFE’. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was MORE out there. That I could be doing more, seeing more. Pre-children, I could never have been accused of this. I travelled to all sorts of places, ate all different kinds of food, exercised well, and made decisions which at the time were huge, like changing career (more on that another time). I just….DID stuff.

So I bought a shiny new notebook, and set about making PLANS! Glorious, fabulous plans. My notebook was full of them! My focus was around things that I know would bring happiness to me and/or the family, and started there. The plans varied; tiny things and huge things, crafty things, recipes, day trips, visits, holidays, changes to the house, new books to read, playdates, breakfast dates – ANYTHING really, to bring joy and to make a positive change.

IMG_0744This has been so positive that it has led me to here, starting this blog* so I can record and share what we’ve got going on. So here I am, grabbing life by the hands** and just getting on with stuff. Saying yes, trying new things, making choices that will make us healthy and happy and enjoying the ride. I can’t wait.



*Apologies for any quality issue with formatting, pictures etc. It WILL get better. Bear with!

**Sorry, bit cheesy, but true!

Diary of an imperfect mum

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  1. Wow Mich! Feel very emotional reading this! Can’t wait to read your next post.
    Much love from a very proud (and soppy) friend xxxx

    • Thanks Hannah! And I think that stage happens to lots of us, I only think I started to emerge after I had my second baby….x

  2. That is awesome Michelle. I am of similar stance in life. Just do stuff! I am a list writer and I have all sorts on the go. It’s great to have a blogging forum to write stuff down. I find it very theraputic! #familyfun

    • I love a list!! A calendar and a notebook and I’m a happy girl. I am loving writing it all down on here, I agree it is very therapeutic. Thank you so much for commenting xx

  3. So glad you are blogging and finally joining the virtual world. It looks awesome hun. I like doing stuff and often have lists everywhere with everything I want to do and get done. I don’t necessarily accomplish it all but I have the lists!!

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